Breathe, Fight, Dance

Sometimes I can feel it in the air. There is something inside of me, some kind of innate mommy detector that goes off. I know that the storm is coming. It may not be a big storm, or one that lasts for days. However it will be there. Just like when the fog rolls in… Continue reading Breathe, Fight, Dance

Different not Less

Ava is my eight year old. She is an adorable, smart and funny. Sometimes she is a royal pain in the rear. Sometimes I think she might be the reason I drink wine at 5pm. Born at 35 weeks weighing 5lbs 12oz, she was a tiny package of joy. Ava met her milestones. I have… Continue reading Different not Less


shrap·nel ˈSHrapnəl/ noun  fragments of a bomb, shell, or other object thrown out by an explosion. When shrapnel hits the body it may cause significant damage depending on the speed and force that it hits. It can shatter bone, cause injury to nerves and blood vessels forever affecting the body part they are feeding. Shrapnel… Continue reading Shrapnel

Just Tired

Well the storm came. Just as I sensed that it would. At Least she waited until after her birthday to get sick. We just spent three very frustrating days in the hospital. Mia lost vision and sight intermittently three times in one day, which was three times too many so we were sent by neurology.… Continue reading Just Tired

Stolen Moments

March is a month full of birthdays for us. I have my fathers, two nephews and most importantly two of my girls; Mia and Kirstie. Mia is one of my chronies. So at this time last year we had her party fully planned out. She was so excited. And of course being the pinterest pinning… Continue reading Stolen Moments

Groundhog’s Day

  Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog's Day? It's the one where Bill Murray is stuck in a time loop and keeps waking up on Groundhogs Day repeating the same day again and again. No matter how hard he tries to get out of this time loop he still wakes up on the same… Continue reading Groundhog’s Day